Photographing New York city

With my first month at Columbia almost done, I’m putting together a proper reflections post. August has been a “crash course” in multimedia journalism for the M.S. class, as we are being taught necessary skills in audio production and photography, alongside our reporting classes.

Between audio and photo, I’m enjoying the latter slightly more since I have been a lot more comfortable behind the camera in the past. Our instructor is a freelance photographer herself with the New York Times and has been extremely helpful in guiding us with the craft. Mastering the relation between ISO, Aperture (F-stop), and Shutter speed has always been a challenge for me but I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it.

As part of our first photo assignment, we had to photograph “rush hour” in New York City. Here are my selections:

Golden Light

NYC Traffic

Roy Choudhury_Rush Hour-1

Roy Choudhury_Rush Hour-2

Grand Central 2

Photographer Sitting

Ferguson Protest

Ferguson Protest 5

Ferguson Protest 2

Roy Choudhury_Rush Hour-4

Roy Choudhury_Rush Hour-3

The next assignment requires us to photograph a city block. I’m trying to figure out the visually appealing places in this city – so far Union Square sounds like a fair bet. I’ve grown tired of using Times Square as a venue for all of my in-field assignments.



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