Quick afternoon stroll by the East River

I went to the East River Promenade this afternoon. It wasn’t a planned venture, although I did go to the East Village with the intention of finding a city block to photograph for my second photo assignment – no such luck today but then again, I tend to find inspiration at the last possible minute to produce decent work. (In other words, tomorrow.)

Although I’m a little upset because yesterday I had to change my camera lens – initially I started with a third party 17-50mm on a Canon Rebel Ti4. The lens was excellent – had an F-stop range from f2.8 to f32 and an ISO up to 3200. Unfortunately I discovered the lens had a mold growing inside which started affecting pictures taken under good lighting conditions. When I went to the equipment room to change it, I ended up with a Canon 17-40mm with a miserable F-stop range of f4.0 to f22. It takes a lot more adjusting to get the right exposure with this new lens.

The walk by the water front was great because it was windy and the sky was overcast. Not the most ideal condition to photograph but I managed to snag some shots of the Williamsburg bridge before the temptation to sit on one of the empty benches and read the New York Times became overwhelming.

Near the East River promenade

Williamsburg 1

Williamsburg 2

Williamsburg 4

Williamsburg 3

Williamsburg 5

Williamsburg 6


The squirrel was from the tree shades outside the J-school. I named him Bilbo Baggins. #notsorry


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