Photo Essay: The fashion designer

In the tough world of fashion designing, Israeli-born American fashion designer Gita Omri is slowly carving a name for herself. Omri graduated from The Art Institute of New York City in 2012 from the Fashion Design Program. She has already had her work featured at the New York Fashion Week where she opened the Art Institute’s debut show in the tents at Lincoln Center. Working out of a studio at the institute, Omri is currently working with a designer to bring to life her vision for a line of travel wear for women. When I visit her, she is working on sewing an A-line dress. On the side, Omri pursues her own personal clothing line “Gita Omri”, which she describes on her website as women’s luxury wear. She frequently mentors and helps students at the Art Institute with their designs, stitching, and concepts while she receives regular feedback and comments on her own work from the faculty. Omri lives with her husband, Alistair Brown, and her dog, Roczen, in Upper West Side.

Leaving home

Gita Omri kisses her dog, Roczen, goodbye before leaving for work. Omri and her husband, Alastair, adopted Roczen from a pet shelter earlier in the year.


Omri spends her subway ride to work by reading. She particularly enjoys historical fiction.

Busy schedule

To keep up with her busy schedule, Omri makes lists. Although, she says, sometimes the workload becomes so heavy, she hardly even has time to make these lists.


Omri working on a dress sample for a designer at one of the studios at the Art Institute of New York City. She said because studio space in New York is so expensive, she has an arrangement with the Institute to use their space to do her work.


Omri helps out a current student at the Art Institute of New York City.


Omri tears out spare fabric from the utility cupboard in one of the studios to practice a new stitching method before applying it on her works.


Omri prepares one of the sewing machines at the studio to try out a new stitching pattern.


After work, Omri drops by an utilities store to pick up additional materials she needs to complete her dress samples for a designer

Shopping 2

Omri decides on the materials she needs to complete her sample dresses


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