Marching for the Earth’s future


The People’s Climate March in New York happened last Sunday, September 21; it started from Columbus Avenue near 59th street and ended on 42nd street near Times Square. Final reports showed over 400,000 New Yorkers, Americans, and foreigners came out in droves to protest for their cause. Some demanded for reduction of carbon emissions, others protested for access to clean, healthy drinking water the world over, and some were plainly bizarre – there was even a Hilary2016 campaign banner spotted among the crowd.

As I was not out there on assignment, I had the liberty to move through the crowd as the march started from Columbus Circle on 59th street. There were many celebrity sightings at the front, including big-time environment advocate Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo Di Caprio, Al Gore, and Jane Goodall! Even Mayor di Blasio made an appearance for the nicely arranged photo opportunity. Tight security at the front meant it was impossible to get close to these celebrities but that wasn’t the point of the march. It was about the people, the everyday ordinary averages “Joe”s and “Jane”s who risked the overcast weather and came out to support a cause.

Regardless of your political affiliations and religious beliefs, climate change is indeed NOT a made-up conspiracy to further the liberal agenda. It is a reality and we are not nearly as alarmed as we should be. The purpose of this post, however, isn’t to discuss the long-term consequences of climate change; that’ll be saved for another post. Here are the pictures:


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