Dismal year for blogging

This is my first blog post of 2016 and it would suffice to say this had been a terrible year in keeping up with blogging commitments.

Looking at my scribbled blog topics I had put down in a diary at the start of the year, I grossly overestimated my plans – to post at least once a week, if not more. It amused me this evening when I logged onto the blog for the first time in several months to see the site still gets a handful of odd visitors here and there.

The genius of blogging topics is that they are rarely outdated – except for the one elaborate draft that is sitting on this blog titled “2015 year in review.” With less than eight weeks to go till this year finishes, I will strive to check off at least some of the topics I had planned to muse on.

The year so far had been eventful and interesting – two safe choices of words to protect against offending the sensibilities of the internet! From a working perspective, I have finished my first full year in journalism where I saw and wrote about several epic stock market sell-offs, made my first overseas trip to Hong Kong to attend a technology/start-up conference and began to dabble more into technology news reporting and writing.

On the flip side, I had planned an elaborate 15D/14N family trip to Norway to take in the breath-taking views of the fjords and watch the ‘Midnight Sun’ from the charming Lofoten Islands and spend three-days on board one of the Hurtigruten coastal vessels. The plans did not materialise after my mother’s health took a trip south. (She is all healed-up now but was asked to exercise extreme caution by her doctor to avoid injuring her back once more.) My next aim? Bring the folks to Northern Norway (Tromso and up) and the Finnish Laplands to enjoy the Aurora Borealis – in sub-zero temperatures! Because who can resist the dancing charm of the Northern Lights, eh?


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