I am a Singapore-based reporter covering finance news and tech trends in Asia, and looking at all-things India, for CNBC.com.

You can read my stories over at CNBC.

Outside work, I enjoy many things (in no particular order): Traveling extensively whenever I can, photography, astrophotography, data visualization and interactive graphics, smartphones and virtual reality headsets, artificial intelligence, gaming, mobile gaming, Marvel and its cinematic universe, the works of Douglas Adams and J.R.R. Tolkien, books on science fiction and fantasy, football (soccer on the other side of the pond), French, which I am learning, and the quirky but delightfully hilarious, long-running TV show Supernatural.

I did my studies in economics, literature and journalism at the National University of Singapore and Columbia University in New York.

If you want to chat about any of the above, email me!

About the blog’s name: I started this blog when I moved to New York for my graduate studies; hence Tales from the Empire State. Though I don’t live in the Empire Sattate at the moment, the name stuck because New York has a habit of sticking to you, even when you’re thousands upon thousands of miles away.


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